Piazza Santa Trinità

PiazzaVia de Tornabuoni mit Blick auf die Piazza Santa Trinità

3 Kommentare zu „Piazza Santa Trinità“

    1. Thank you so much …. you will see that photo again tomorrow, cause it was scheduled to be published on 21st, not on 02nd of June (typing error) 🙂 Did you ever live in Florence ? Your comment sounds like that.
      Best regards, Helge

  1. No, I did not, only a quick tourist visit with my parents when I was very young. I wish I had lived there as an adult, but I left Italy by then. However, every Italian knows that city for its beauty, for its contribution to history, art, literature – and to the fame of Italy at home and abroad.
    I vicariously enjoy everything as you transmit it – it is like being there.

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